Integration into the HTW Grupware environment OX

In this guide you will learn how to transfer a copy of your current timetable to the groupware solution Open-Xchange (OX). This groupware is available to all HTW employees. Please note that the timetable displayed in OX is not automatically updated when changes are made in LSF. In a further guide we describe how you can set up synchronization with a personal calendar.

Step 1: Login to LSF

Login with your HTW-Account at LSF System .

Step 2: Select the iCal Export function

In the area with information about your teaching assignment you will find the option "iCal Export". Please click on this link.

Step 3: Save your calendar data

Please save your calendar data in a file by selecting "Save file". Depending on your working environment, you may be prompted to select a save location or file name.

Step 4: Import to the groupware Open-Xchange (OX)

To import the file into the OX, follow the iCal calendar import instructions.