Allocation via the course catalog

Step 1: Login to LSF

Please open this website: and login with your HTW-Account.

Step 2: Open course catalog

After you have successfully logged in, you are on the LSF start page.

Please select the menu item "Course List" in the upper navigation.

Step 3: Navigate to your course of study and semester

Please navigate to your course of study.

Click here for the heading of your department and select your course of study. Then click on the “Registration on/off” button next to your semester.

Step 4: Carry out the allocation (registration/deregistration)

You will receive an overview of all courses. Please activate the tick under the menu item "Request a place" for the desired courses and select a "Priority".

Under the link "Registration numbers" you will receive an overview of the "available places", the "previously admitted" and "open registrations".

After you have selected all the courses you want, you still have to apply for them. To do this, click on the “Request a place now” button.

Step 5: Allocations were safed

You will receive a confirmation that your registration was successful. Please note that this is just a registration. Do not take this as an admission!