Exam registration

Step 1: The exam registration area

To register for exams, please click on "Exam registration" in the left navigation bar.

Step 2: Accept exam registration information

Before you register for the individual exams, please read the information on exam registration carefully. Then tick "Accept the terms" and click "Next".

Step 3: Selection of the course of study

You will now see the course or courses of study for which you can register for examinations. Click on the desired course of study to select a subject there.

Step 4: Choose the type of compartment

Click on your course of study to open a selection. Under "General Supplementary subjects/modules" you will find, for example, foreign languages ​​and AWE subjects, under "Bachelor" or "Master" you will see the subjects of your current course of study.

Step 5: Selection of the subject and examination date

There are usually two examination dates per subject, which you can choose between when registering. When making your choice, please note the exam date and the start of the exam.

If there were events taking place at the same time, you can choose from several dates with different examiners in the list. Please register for the examination of the teacher with whom you completed the course - unless the teacher has made other specifications.

The same rules apply to registering for examinations in foreign languages. The desired foreign language variant is also important here. When you register for the exam, you decide on a foreign language variant and then only the corresponding subjects are displayed.

Step 6: Confirm registration

Once you have decided on an exam date, you will be asked again to confirm your entry. To do this, click on "Yes".

Step 7: Overview of registered exam(s)

After registration in, you will see an overview of the exams for which you have registered in your current session. To select additional exams, please click on “Register additional exams”. By clicking on "Home" you leave the "Exam registration" area and with "Exit" you log out of LSF.