Sharing of folders/ files via the web browser

Please note that you can only share files and folders in your personal "home" area. The group directories are excluded from sharing.


Other people have read-only access to shared resources.

To access the HTW-Webdrive you need an internet access and a web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, ...). A VPN connection does not have to be established for access.

Step 1: Login

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Step 2: Set up a share

To set up a share, use the Expand symbol (on the far right; is displayed as a "Play" symbol) to display the properties of the file or folder. Then select “Share”. This will open a new window in which you can enter additional options. "Available Until" defines how long the release will be available. The default is 24 hours. “File Link Password” enables the share to be protected with a password. If you do not want to set a password, you can leave the field blank. Complete the setup with “Share”.

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Step 3: Passing on the link

The shares you have currently set up are displayed in the “Share” area (top right in the navigation).

In the “Link” column you can use the context menu (right mouse button on the symbol) to “copy the link address”. Alternatively, you can "left-click" to open the link in your web browser and then copy the link address from the address line and pass it on if necessary.

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Step 4: Set up a release including forwarding by email

Alternatively, you can share and forward your folder/files via email in one step. To do so, return to your personal "home" directory (shares can only be created here), select the folder or file to be shared using the expand symbol (far right; is displayed as a "Play" symbol) and then use the "Email" button. A new window will open in which you can enter the sharing options and the email recipient.

Please enter the recipients email address in the “To Email” field, the subject of the email in “Subject” and the optional text in “Body (optional)”. Attention: If you set a password for the release, it must not be part of the subject or the e-mail text.

With “Available Until” you can define the period of the release (default value: 24 hours) and with “File Link Password” you can set a password.

With “Email” you close the window and an e-mail with the link for approval will be sent to the recipient.

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Step 5: Change of the release period

In the “Share” area (top right in the navigation) you can change the period of a share. To do this, click on the “Edit” button and then adjust the end date for the approval in the “Available Until” field. Save the change with "Share".

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Step 6: Delete a share

To delete a share, please go to the “Share” view (top right in the navigation) and click on “Revoke”.

Attention: You will not be asked whether the release should actually be deleted.

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