FAX service

Requirements for using the fax service

You have a valid HTW phone number.

Fax reception

Each HTW telephone number with an assigned user can be used as a FAX receiving device. The corresponding FAX number is distinguished from the normal telephone number by the prefixed number 48. For example, if your phone number is (030) 5019 9999, you can be reached by FAX on (030) 5019 48 9999. New FAX messages are converted into an e-mail with an attached PDF document and delivered to your personal HTW e-mail inbox. There the messages can be read and printed like any normal e-mail.

Fax dispatch

Due to the close integration with the HTW e-mail server, it is possible to send FAX messages easily to any FAX device using any mail client (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird or the HTW webmail service). To do this, send an email to FAX-Number@fax.htw-berlin.de. The recipient will receive a cover sheet with the body of your email and corresponding pages with the converted documents attached to the email (if any). You will be notified by e-mail about the success of the transfer.

The following document types are recognized and can be used for conversion:

  • *.pdf (Adobe PDF)
  • *.doc *.xls *.ppt (Microsoft-Office-97-2003-documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint))
  • *.tiff *.jpg *.gif *.png *.bmp und other image formats

Note: In order to use an @fax.htw-berlin.de address, your e-mail program must authenticate itself on the e-mail server! Therefore, read the instructions for configuring your HTW e-mail address to find out how your e-mail program should be set up.

To test the conversion results, you can send a FAX to your own phone number with a 48 in front (internal).

How must fax numbers be structured for sending?

  • In-house: 48+intern HTW-phone-number@fax.htw-berlin.de
    (e.g.: 481234@fax.htw-berlin.de)
  • External: 0+area code (unless Berlin)+fax-number@fax.htw-berlin.de
    (e.g.: 0/040/1234567 (outside Berlin); 0/1234567 (within Berlin))

Instructions for sending faxes:

  • E-mails to the fax service may only be sent in text format (no HTML e-mails!), this is possible, for example, via the HTW webmailer.
  • In order to avoid misuse through new automated sending options, the number of faxes that can be sent has been limited as follows. The following maximum quotas apply:
    - 10 per minute
    - 10 per hour
    - 10 per day
    - 30 per month
    - 100 peryear

    If the maximum number of messages is exceeded, you will receive an error e-mail with the following subject: "Error: FAX to +4930xxxxxxx could not be sent because the quota was exceeded".