Conference with access-PIN

Set up a conference with an access-PIN

Step 1: Set up a conference

Open the website in the web browser. The registration takes place with the access data of your  HTW-Account.

Step 2: Assign conference-PIN

From the page menu, click "Allgemeine Einstellungen" and expand the "Konferenz jetzt" section. Finally, set a PIN for the conference in the "Teilnehmer Zugriffscode" field.

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Step 3: Start conference

To start the conference as a creator, dial the number -2020 on your HTW telephone. When prompted, enter your HTW phone number.

To start the conference, enter your personal telephone PIN (identical to registering on the telephone).

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Important note: PIN

Please note that you do not have to pass on your personal telephone-PIN, which you use to log on to the HTW Berlin telephones, to the conference participants! A separate access-PIN is set for the conference (see step 2).

Step 4: Join the conference

As a participant, dial 030/5019-2020 (internal -2020). Enter the conference number when prompted. This corresponds to the four-digit extension of the creator. Finally, enter the “participant access-code” that you were given by the conference creator.

You can also add more participants manually by following the Start a conference over the phone instructions.