Access via the web browser

To access the HTW-Webdrive you need internet access and a web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, ...). A VPN connection does not have to be established for access.

Step 1: Login

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Step 2: Characteristics of the views

After logging in, you will see the directories to which you have access. "Home" corresponds to your personal directory known as drive "H:\", which is made available to you on the PCs of the HRZ and in the departments. The “HRZ GROUPS” directory corresponds to the HRZ group directory. This directory is available to you as drive “i:\” in the HRZ PC pools and e.g. made available on the PCs in the HTW library.

Additional directories for your department may be made available to you.

You can open the directory by clicking on the name of the respective folder. With a click on the folder or file symbol you can make a selection/ marking.

By selecting the expand symbol (on the far right; is shown as a "Play" symbol) you can obtain further options for handling the file or folder.

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Step 3: File upload

You can upload individual files or several files into a folder at once, provided that you have the access to this folder. To do this, go to “+ Add files…” and select the appropriate files from your local file system. Alternatively, with certain web browsers, you can also drag and drop the files into the upload area. With “Start” you have the option of uploading individually selected files and with “Start upload” you can upload all selected files at once.

The uploaded files remain in the upload list until they are deleted from this list with "Clear". This can be done individually for each file and for all selected files at once.

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Step 4: File download

To download a file, click on the expand symbol. In the properties you will find the options “Preview” and “Download”.

If you click directly on the file name, your browser tries to open a preview. If this does not succeed, the file will be offered to you for download.

Files can only be downloaded individually by selecting the file directly and using the download option in the properties.

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Step 5: Zip/ unzip files

You can use the "Zip" function to download more than one file. To do this, mark the appropriate folders and files and then click on "Zip". Then a window for naming and downloading the zip file opens.

If “Do not save zip file…” is activated, the zip file is downloaded and not saved on the drive.

[Translate to Englisch:] Webdrive Dateien packen/entpacken

Step 6: Create a folder

New folders can be reated by "New Folder”.  A new window opens, in which you can enter the name of the folder under “Folder” and confirm the creation with “Create”.

[Translate to Englisch:] Webdrive Ordner anlegen

Step 7: Rename folders/ files

With „Rename” you can rename the folders and files. The old name is displayed in the window that opens under “Rename From:” and the new name is entered under “Rename To”. The change is confirmed with "Rename".

[Translate to Englisch:] Webdrive Ordner umbenennen

Step 8: Share folders/ files

With the button „Share” files and folders can be shared with third parties. Via „Email” the share link can send to the appropriate recipient. You can find detailed instructions here.

[Translate to Englisch:] Webdrive Ordner freigeben

Step 9: Delete folders/ files

Click on „Delete” to clear marked folders/ files. You can also delete several files at the same time.

You will be asked whether the deletion should really and irrevocably take place.

[Translate to Englisch:] Webdrive Ordner löschen

Step 10: Logout

Click on "Logout" to sign out from the webdrive.

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