Up to Android 10: Using the "eduroam CAT" App


Please make sure that...


Step 1: Download eduroam app

Android up to and including 10: Please download the "eduroam CAT" app from the Google PlayStore and launch it.

Android 11 and above: Please download and launch the "geteduroam" app from the Google PlayStore.

Download and start the app

Step 2: Allow access and select manual search

Please confirm the access with "Allow" and then activate the "Manual Search" in the lower part of the app.

Allow app to access location

Step 3: Manual search

Use the manual search to find the "Berlin".

Manually search for the HTW

Step 4: Select HTW Berlin

Select "HTW Berlin".

Choose HTW Berlin

Step 5: Allow access

Allow the access so the configuration file can be written.

Allow access

Step 6: Install configuration

Click on "Install" to apply the eduroam Wi-Fi configuration of the HTW Berlin.

Install configuration file

Step 7: Confirm profile installation

Confirm the profile installation with "Yes".

Confirm installation

Step 8: Enter HTW user data

Please enter your HTW user name with the extension @htw-berlin.de (e.g. "s0000001@htw-berlin.de" or "amuster@htw-berlin.de"). The password is identical to your HTW account (also used e.g. in the LSF/Moodle/E-Mail system of the HTW Berlin).

Attention: Please do not confuse the user name with your HTW e-mail address FirstName.Surname@htw-berlin.de! This can not be used here.

Then click on "Install".

Enter credentials

Step 9: Profile is installed

The successful installation is confirmed with the message "Profile installed".

Profile installed

Step 10: Connection to eduroam

You can then connect to the "eduroam" Wi-Fi.

Eduroam connected