How to delete the eduroam configuration under macOS

In this manual you will learn how to delete an old eduroam configuration under macOS.

Step 1: Open system settings

Open the "System settings...".

[Translate to Englisch:] Systemeinstellungen

Step 2: Open profiles

Open the "Profiles".

Note: If the Profile button does not exist, no old eduroam configuration is stored and you can continue with the WLAN setup according to this guide (section "Installing eduroam WLAN on your device").

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Step 3: Delete eduroam profile

Please select "eduroam" from the list on the left and make sure that it is a profile that uses the old certificate "Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2". In this case you can delete the profile with the minus "-" and continue with the instructions for setting up the WLAN.

Note: If the certificate says "T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2" you have already installed the current eduroam profile.

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