Access on macOS

Note when using from outside the HTW Berlin

Outside the HTW Berlin (e.g. home) you need to connect via VPN. Here you find a tutorial how to install the VPN client.

Step 1: Connect to server

Open the "Finder" and choose "Connect to Server.." in the "Go" menu. As an alternativ you can right-click on the Finder icon and select "Connect to Server..".

Connect to server

Step 2: Enter server information

Enter the server adress: smb://[your-htw-username] (i.e. smb:// Press "Connect".

Enter server information

Step 3: Enter your credentials

Please enter your HTW-Account credentials ein. Confirm the entry with "Connect".

Enter credentials

Step 4: HTW-Space connected

When your connected succesfully you find the "HTW-Space" in the Finder under "Locations".

[Translate to Englisch:] Verbindung hergestellt