VPN connection to the HTW

The HTW Berlin offers VPN access to its students and staff members. An encrypted connection (via SSL) is established between the dial-in point (e.g. from home) and the HTW network to ensure secure data transfer.

This service is especially useful if you want to dial into the HTW network from home or other places (with an internet connection) to use services that are only offered in the internal HTW network. This is made possible by obtaining an IP address of the HTW.

Requirements and selection of the operating system

To be able to use the VPN access some requirements must be met:

  • You have an Internet-compatible device (e.g. computer/laptop/smartphone)
  • You have administration rights on your device
  • You have a HTW-Account

To use it a VPN client must be installed on your end device (e.g. computer/laptop/smartphone). We provide the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client for this purpose. Please select your installed operating system:

VPN dial-in via Microsoft Windows

Windows Logo

VPN dial-in via an iOS-Device (e.g. iPad, iPhone).

VPN dial-in via macOS.

VPN dial-in via Linux.

VPN dial-in via Android.