Public copiers

General Information

A copy card is required to use public copy/scan/print devices:


Campus Wilhelminenhof: Copy/Scan/Print equipment

Campus / GebäudeStellplatz-Nr.Standort
WH Building A10Floor, 1. OG
WH Building A11Floor, 5. OG
WH Building C12Room 174
WH Building C13in front of Room 163
WH Building C14in front of Room 272
WH Building C15Room 366
WH Building C16Room 429
WH Building C17Room 617
WH Building F18Room 005
WH Building G19in front of Room 007
WH Building G20Room 105 (Lesesaal)
WH Building G21Room 105 (Lesesaal)
WH TGS House 9 - HRZ22entrance foyer
WH Peter-Behrens-House9Room 4033

Campus Wilhelminenhof: Revaluators (banknotes only)

Campus / GebäudeStandort
WH Building GFoyer EG

Campus Treskowallee: Copy/scan/print devices

Campus / GebäudeStellplatz-Nr.Standort
TA Building A01Corridor before room 021
TA Building A02Corridor before room 123
TA Building A03Corridor before room 201
TA Building A04Reading room 1
TA Building A05Reading room 2
TA Building C06Room 407
TA Building C07Room 017L, EG
TA Building A08Corridor before room 022

Campus Treskowallee: Aufwerter (banknotes only)

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Campus / GebäudeStandort
TA Building AEG, Foyer (in front of the room 022)