Editing of module descriptions


  • The processing of the module documents requires the special LSF role of "module supervisor".
  • The role is requested through the management of the department administration.

Step 1: Login in LSF

Login with your HTW-Account in LSF System.

Step 2: Change role

After you have registered in the LSF, please first select the role "Module responsibility" from the list and confirm with "OK". Now select the “Module descriptions” area in the main menu.

Step 3: Edit module descriptions

In the “Edit module descriptions” area you will find all courses for which you have received the LSF role of “module coordinator”, so this means which you can edit.

Step 4: Navigate to the course

In order to get to the desired module, you can - similar to the course catalog - navigate through the courses. You can download the module handbook for an entire course of study by clicking on the course. Within a course you can also choose between the modules and the AWE and foreign language courses, which apply equally to several courses.

Step 5: Edit a module

If you select a specific module, additional functions are available to you. Click on "edit" to edit the module.

Step 6: Note on navigation

Within a module you only edit the general data of the module. If you want to change special information about a unit, you have to switch to the unit and click on "edit". In the navigation bar you can see which level you are currently on. You can also recognize modules and units by their small icons.

Step 7: Processing window

In the processing mask for the module you can see all categories on the left and the respective fields on the right. Fields that are blocked for you are colored yellow. All others are white and can be edited.

Step 8: Editing functions

After you have made your changes, click on “Next” or “Save”. If you want to go back to your module selection without saving, then click "Selection" or "Edit module descriptions". With "Delete" you can delete the content of the current element.

Step 9: Review changes

By clicking on "Edit module description", you get back to your module selection. Here you can check the results of your changes by either downloading the manual as a PDF file or viewing it online by clicking on “info”.

Step 10: Online view of a module manual

All changes that have been made are immediately visible to everyone after saving. Module manuals that are called up in the LSF are always kept up-to-date. There is no versioning, so no older manuals can be downloaded later.

Questions & contact

If you have any further questions, please contact the following contact persons: