Using the "Configuration Assistant Tool" with macOS

Step 1: Open CAT website and download tool

Go to and download the installation package for your operating system by clicking on the blue box. Run the setup.

Note: If your device cannot use mobile data you can connect to the open Wi-Fi "HowToUseEduroam" at the HTW to access the website. Alternatively, the setup can also be done using your home Wi-Fi.

Open CAT webpage and download tool

Step 2: Confirm installation

Confirm the installation of the eduroam wifi profile with "Continue".

Continue installation

Step 3: Enter HTW credentials

Please enter your HTW user name with the extension (e.g. "" or ""). The password is identical to your HTW account (also used e.g. in the LSF/Moodle/E-Mail system of the HTW Berlin).

Attention: Please do not confuse the user name with your HTW e-mail address respectively! This can not be used here.

Enter user credentials

Step 4: Important notice and Install

Please pay attention to the important notice and continue with "Install".



Important notice

Step 5: Installation completed

The installation is completed.

Eduroam profile installed

Step 6: Connect to eduroam

You can now connect to "eduroam" wi-fi.

Connect to eduroam