Payment via StudentCard

To make copies and printouts at the HTW, students can use their HTW-StudentCard. This card can be upgraded at so-called "Aufwertern" with a copy and print credit. You will find the locations of these machines below. You can also pay with coins at at least two public print/copy machines. Currently, the so-called "Coiners" are installed at the following two locations: TA A in front of room 021 and WH G in front of room 007 (first floor).

Location of the revaluators (banknotes only)

TreskowalleeBuilding AEG, Foyer (vor Raum 022)
WilhelminenhofBuilding GFoyer EG

An overview of all currently available printers/copiers can be found here.

Cost per print or copy

b/w one-sided A4 = 5 Centdouble-sided = 10 Cent
b/w one-sided A3 = 6 Centdouble-sided = 12 Cent
color one-sided A4 = 10 Centdouble-sided = 20 Cent
color one-sided A3 = 14 Centdouble-sided = 28 Cent
Scanning = 2 Cent


There are two possible approaches:

1. you still have an old StudentCard with copy/print credit:

  • Make an appointment with Hr. Räkeand bring your old StudentCard to the appointment. The money will then be paid out to you in cash.

2. you have received a new QR code from the Student Service Center for the creation of a new StudentCard and would like to receive the copy/print credit afterwards:

  • Make an appointment with Hr. Räkeand bring the letter from the Student Service Center (SSC) and your new StudentCard with you. You received the letter from the SSC in connection with the new QR Code, which you could use to create a new StudentCard. Alternatively, you can also bring an old receipt from a top-up transaction with you.

Important note

Attention! The revaluation of canteen credits is still done at the revaluators in the canteens and has to be considered separately from the credit for copy and print quotas.