Initial setup of Easyroam on Windows


Any internet connection is required to set up Easyroam/Eduroam.

If you have no other internet connection, you can use the “HowToUseEduroam” or “Free Wifi Berlin” WLANs at the university (not available everywhere).

Administrator rights are required to set up Easyroam/Eduroam.

To find out whether you have admin rights, proceed as follows

as follows:

Press the Windows key and enter “cmd”.

Right-click on the “Command Prompt” program and select “Run as administrator”.

If “Administrator: ...” appears in the top left-hand corner of the window that now opens, you have administrator rights.

A 64bit operating system and an x64-capable processor (also referred to as “x86-64” or “amd64”) are required.

Please note that the time, date and time zone of your device must be set correctly and your system and drivers must be up to date.

Step 1: If Eduroam has already been used on the device

If you have used the Eduroam WLAN before, you must first delete the old configuration.

How to do this is explained in this article.

Step 2: Download and install easyroam app

Please download the easyroam app: and click to download.

Hint: If you are using a version of Windows that does not support MSIX files, you can also extract the downloaded MSIX file (e.g. with the free program 7-Zip) and then run the "easyroam_connect_desktop.exe" contained therein.

Open the installer

Step 3: Install app

You will be prompted to start the installation. To do this, click on "Install".

Click install

Step 4: Redirection to the browser

A window will open that will redirect you to the browser. Wait a moment. The window will close by itself.

Redirection to browser

Step 5: Select HTW Berlin

In the browser you will now be asked to select your university. Enter "HTW Berlin" in the search field and select "Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft - HTW Berlin".

Select HTW Berlin

Step 6: Log in with the HTW account

Now log in with your HTW account and click "Submit".

Login with HTW account

Step 7: Agree to transmission

Your user data will appear. To be able to forward the data to easyroam, click on "Accept".

Accept transmission

Step 8: Create profile

The app window appears again. You can now create a new profile. To do this, click on "Install new profile".

Install new profile

Step 9: Confirm new profile

Now click on "Confirm" to install the new profile.

Confirm to install new profile

Step 10: Connect with eduroam

A new profile has now been created. Go to your network settings and connect to eduroam.

Connect with eduroam

Renew profile every 7 months!

In the easyroam app you can see the expiration date of your certificate, which you need for eduroam. The duration is 7 months! You must open the app again shortly before the expiration date and renew the profile, otherwise you will no longer have access to the eduroam WLAN.