Establish VPN connection with the iPhone/iPad

Conditions for use

  • Knowledge of the basic handling of the iPhone/iPad
  • Your iOS device must be connected to the Internet (e.g. Wi-Fi)

Step 1: Cisco AnyConnect client from Apple Store

Download the „Cisco Anyconnect”app from the Apple Store onto you iPhone/iPad device and launch it.

Step 2: Start the Cisco AnyConnect app

After starting the AnyConnect app click on "Connections".

Click on connections

Step 3: Add the connection

Click on "Add VPN connection ..." to add a new connection.

Click on 'add connection'

Step 4: Enter description and server name

Enter any description you would like and the server address

Enter descirption and server

Step 5: Allow the connection

Allow the connection.

Allow to safe the configuration

Step 6: Establish connection

Establish the connection with the slider.

Use the slide to connect

Step 7: Enter user credentials and select group

Please enter your HTW credentials now. Please do not forget to add the extension "" to your user name (e.g. Confirm the entry with "Connect".

Two connection profiles (Group) are available for the use of the VPN service:

HTW-SSL-Split (Standard)
Only requests that are directed to the university network of the HTW (e.g. services of your department) are routed through the VPN tunnel. Inquiries to external providers (e.g. the call of are still made via the home internet provider.

All Internet traffic is routed through the university's VPN server. This means that you use one IP address of the university (141.45.*.*) during the entire connection process. This is required for all those services of external providers that are made available by the HTW (e.g. external website services of the library, e-books).

Enter your credentials

When do I need the profile "HTW-SSL-VPNCL-Full"?

Please use the "HTW-SSL-VPNCL-Full" profile if you want to access external databases of the library (eBooks), SAP software or other external services made available by the HTW.

Step 8: Connection has been established

The connection has been established.

Connection established