Eduroam under macOS


Any internet connection is required to set up Easyroam/Eduroam.
If you do not have any other internet connection, the WLANs "HowToUseEduroam" or "Free Wifi Berlin" (not available everywhere) can be used for this at the university.

Please note that the time, date and time zone of your device must be set correctly.

Step 1: If Eduroam has already been used on the device

If you have used the Eduroam Wi-Fi before, you must first delete the old configuration.
How to do this is explained in this article.

Step 2: Go to and enter HTW Berlin

Using a browser (usually Safari), go to https://www.easyroam.deand enter "HTW Berlin" in the search field and select "Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft - HTW Berlin".

Hint: If you are using the “HowToUseEduroam” WLAN for setup, a browser window may open automatically. The easyroam setup process does not work with this window. Please close this window, start a full-featured browser (e.g. Safari) and open the website Afterwards, you can follow the rest of this illustrated guide.

Enter HTW

Step 3: Log in with the HTW account

Now log in with your HTW-Account and click "Submit".

Log in with HTW account

Step 4: Agree to transmission

Your user data will appear. To be able to forward the data to easyroam, click on "Accept".

Click on accept

Step 5: Generate access

Click on "Manual Options" at the bottom of the web page, select "Mobile-Config (Apple)", enter a name in the field (e.g. "HTW-eduroam") and finally click on "Generate Profile".

Choose manuell options and generate a profile

Step 6: Allow download

You have to allow the website to download the profile by clicking "Allow".

Allow download

Step 7: Profile still needs to be installed

The operating system will tell you that the new profile still needs to be installed.

You still have to download a profile

Step 8: System Preferences -> Open Profiles

Call the "System Preferences..." via the apple icon (top left in the operating system) and click on "Profiles" there.

Open profiles

Step 9: Install eduroam profile

Make sure that only the new "eduroam" profile is in the left navigation (the one marked with an exclamation mark is the new one and must remain). If necessary, delete old "edurom" profiles with the minus symbol.

Finally, click the "eduroam" profile with the yellow exclamation mark and select "Install..." on the right side.

Install profile

Step 10: Enter macOS password

To complete the installation of the profile, you must enter the password of your macOS (not HTW account). Afterwards you can connect to the "eduroam" WLAN via the WLAN overview.

Enter your macOS password

Renew profile every 7 months!

In the profile overview you can also see the expiry date of your certificate, which you need for eduroam. The duration is 7 months! You must renew the profile shortly before this time expires (go through the steps in these instructions again), otherwise you will no longer have access to the eduroam WLAN.