Absence note

Create or edit absence note

This tutorial explains how you can have an out-of-office notice sent automatically from the e-mail server in case of an absence for a defined period of time. Please note that the out-of-office message is only sent once a day to the individual e-mail senders.

Step 1: Open e-mail settings and select desired address

Open the overview of your e-mail addresses and select the desired address for which you would like to activate an out-of-office message. Click on "Change settings" or "Edit" below the desired address.


Open e-mail settings

Step 2: Define period of absence

Scroll to the "Absence notice" section and specify the "Begin Date of Absence" and "End Date of Absence".

Absence notice

Step 3: Set note text

In the field "Notice while absent" you define which message should be automatically sent back (autoreply) for new incoming e-mails.

Step 4: Save

Click on "Save" to activate the absence note. You will receive a confirmation that the information has been updated.