Lecture schedules

The timetables are available under "Lecture schedules". You can specify which plans are to be displayed in one view and thus also select sample occupancy plans for several semesters at the same time.

You can access the lecture schedules using the navigation on the left.

Step 1: Enter the necessary data

After you have selected the item Lecture plans in the navigation on the left, you will get to a search mask in which you can select basic data such as the desired course of study or the semester. Enter the necessary data and click on "Start search".

Step 2: Overview

After you have started the search, you will receive the desired lecture plan in the form of a timetable. You can find more information about the timetable view under “Your personal timetable”.

This is how you put together the right plan

With this function, you don't just call up a finished plan. You can specify which events should be included.

  • With "from .. semester" or "to .. semester" you determine from which standard semester the courses should come. This allows you, for example, to easily combine your sample enrollment plan with that of the previous semester if you want to catch up on courses.
  • With "Parallel Groups" you select a subgroup. You will then also see the events for shared subgroup. If necessary, you can limit the display to events for specific groups.
  • With "Category" you can specify the status of the events you are looking for.