External share

This instruction explains how to share folders or files with external people. This is done using an external e-mail address. The sharing requires password protection.

In addition to this option, sharing via a link is also available as an option.

Step 1: Click on the share icon

Click on the share icon next to a folder or file.

Step 2: Enter external e-mail address

Please enter the desired external e-mail address in the "Share" section and confirm the entry with Enter.

Please note: Two e-mails will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you entered. In the first e-mail you will be informed about the release and in the second e-mail the automatically assigned password will be sent. You can change the password later - an e-mail with the new password will be sent automatically every time you enter your new password. Since the new password is sent in clear text, you should not use a password that you use for personal purposes.

Step 3: Set sharing options

After entering the e-mail address, you can still set sharing options. In addition to the "can edit" function, there are also other sharing options available via the three items "...". For example, you can enter the duration of the share (expiration date) or a new password for the share.