More functions

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Fee account

You can use the "fee account" function to see how high the semester fee is for the current and upcoming semester. If there are any reductions, these may have already been taken into account in advance. The function also helps you to see whether a paid amount has already been received. If something is wrong there, please contact the Admissions and Enrollment department of the Student Services department.

Change personal data

In LSF you have the opportunity to change your:

  • Semester address and
  • private email address.

You can also view your home address, if available, or specify which of these addresses mail should be delivered to. You can also view your account details here.

On the start page, click on the "change personal data" link to be able to call up the relevant page. Select the desired change and fill out the respective form conscientiously, otherwise you will not be able to receive important information by post or e-mail or refunds.

Applications and Forms

For the various administrative processes, it is necessary for you to submit a corresponding application. You will find the relevant PDF templates under "Applications and forms". As a rule, these must then be submitted to the Student Service Center.