Mail for iOS 11 and newer

Requirements for use

  • Knowledge about the basic handling of the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad Firmware iOS 11 or later

The following instructions explain how to set up the HTW Mail account on your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad.

Step 1: Open settings

To retrieve your HTW emails with an iOS device (e.g. iPhone/iPod/iPad), click on "Settings" on the screen of your device.

Step 2: Open mail settings

Open the submenu "Mail".

IOS settings

Step 3: Show mail accounts

Click on "Accounts" to see all accounts.

Mail settings

Step 4: Add new account

Select "Add Account" to create a new connection to our email server.

Add Account

Step 5: Select account type

Click on "Other" to start the configuration.

Select type of account

Step 6: Add mail account

Since you want to set up an e-mail account, please click on "Add mail account".

Select second type of account

Step 7: Setup email settings

Please fill out all fields with the correct information for you.

As address please enter your HTW e-mail address. This consists of your HTW-account username (e.g. s0000001 or amuster) and the extension

Name: Max Musterfrau
E-mail address:

You can choose the description yourself, as it is only used on your device.

Confirm your entries by clicking on "Next".

Mail settings

Step 8: Adjust server settings

Fill in the fields with the following information:

  • Server incoming mails: ""
  • Server outgoing mails: ""
  • Username: Your HTW account (e.g. s0000001 or amuster)
  • Password: HTW-Account Password

If your device displays an error, make sure you have entered your login data correctly and that you are connected to the Internet.

Server settings

Step 9: Complete setup

To save the settings, finally click on "Save".

Complete settings