Course catalogue

In the "Course Catalogue" you will find all courses, sorted by departments, degree programs and semesters.

You can access the course catalog via the top navigation.

Step 1: Select department

After you have selected the course catalog in the upper navigation, you will first get to the overview of the departments/institutions. Select one of the departments/institutions by clicking on the link.

Step 2: Select course & semester

A list of courses will now appear. Select a course and then a semester. At the end you will receive an overview of the courses offered: With a click you can view detailed information on the courses.

Step 3: The event in detail

You will receive a detailed individual view of the event, in which all important information is presented in tabular form.

Lots of information such as the lecturer & the room are linked to further information, as well as the word "registration numbers" which gives you information on the number of places available and current demand.