Set up Eduroam on Windows

Delete old eduroam configuration

If you have used the eduroam WLAN before, you have to delete the old configuration first. How to do this is explained in this article.

Step 1: Open CAT website and download installation package

If you currently have Internet access:

Go to the website and click on the blue box to download the installation package for your operating system.
Then run the setup.

If you do NOT currently have Internet access and are at an HTW campus:

Connect your device to the open WLAN "HowToUseEduroam". This is available at the HTW campuses and allows you to access these instructions and download the Eduroam installation file via the following link
After that, run the setup.

Download installation package

Step 2: Start installation

Start the setup downloaded in step 1 and run the installation. Confirm the first window with "Next".


Step 3: HTW note

Confirm that the setup only works for HTW Berlin with "OK".

HTW note

Step 4: Enter HTW user credentials

Please enter your HTW username with the extension @ (e.g. "" or ""). The password is identical to your HTW account (e.g. also used in the LSF / Moodle / email system of HTW Berlin).

Attention: Please do not confuse the user name with your HTW e-mail address! This cannot be used here!

Enter user credentials

Step 5: Finish installation

You can end the completed installation with "Finish".

Finish installation

Step 6: Connect to the eduroam

You can now connect to the “eduroam” if the WLAN/Wi-Fi is within range. This may happen automatically.

Connect to eduroam