Access via software client

Step 1: Download and install NextCloud software

Please download the latest software version of the NextCloud client from the NextCloud website and install it on your device:

Step 2: Select login

After installing the NextCloud software, start the client and select "Login".

Step 3: Enter server address

Enter the server address and confirm the entry with "Next".

Step 4: Select log in

Select "Log in".

Step 5: Enter HTW account data

Please enter your HTW account data and confirm with "Log in".

Please make sure that you do not add to your username (correct is e.g. s0000001 or amuster).

Step 6: Grant account access

Click on "Grant access".

Step 7: Set up synchronization settings

Define which data (folders) the software client should synchronize and where this data should be stored locally on your computer.

Step 8: Connection established

The connection was successfully established.