Renew Easyroam-certificate on Windows

Step 1: Connect device to the internet

Establish any internet connection that is NOT eduroam itself (e.g. via network cable or your home WiFi).

Step 2: Start the easyroam app and request a new certificate

Open the “easyroam” program and click “Request new” under your device’s profile.


Hint: If you no longer have the “easyroam” program installed, please follow our instructions for setting up easyroam for the first time.

Start the easyroam app

Step 3: Check the validity period of the certificate

You will be prompted to start the installation. To do this, click on "Install".

After a few seconds you should see from the date under “Valid until:” that the new certificate is now valid again for 7 months.

Please restart your computer afterwards to make sure that the new certificate takes effect.

Check validity period