Set up Eduroam on iOS

Delete old eduroam configuration and browser hint

If you have used the eduroam WLAN before, you have to delete the old configuration first. How to do this is explained in this article.

Also make sure that you perform the following installation steps (opening the website) with the web browser Safari.

Step 1: Open CAT website and download profile

If you currently have Internet access:

Go to the website. Your operating system will be detected automatically. Then click on the large blue field with the name of your operating system.

If you do NOT currently have Internet access and are at an HTW campus:

Connect your device to the open WLAN "HowToUseEduroam". This is available at HTW campuses and allows you to access these instructions and download the Eduroam installation profile via the following link:
Then click on the large blue field with the name of your operating system.

[Translate to Englisch:] Website aufrufen

Step 2: Profile is downloaded

The configuration profile for the eduroam Wi-Fi is downloaded. Confirm with "Allow".

Allow download

Step 3: Profile loaded

The profile is not installed immediately. You will receive a message telling you that you should perform the installation via the settings.

Profil was loaded

Step 4: Open settings (required for iOS 12.2 and later)

Open "Settings" and click on "Profile Downloaded".

Goto setting and choose Profile Downloaded

Step 5: Install profile

Click on "Install".

Start profil installation

Step 6: Hint user name

You will be shown an important note regarding the user name. Confirm the page with "Next".

Attention an important notice

Step 7: Note Certificate

You will be shown a note about certificate installation. Confirm it with "Install".

Install cerificate

Step 8: Enter HTW user name

Please enter your HTW username with the extension (e.g. "" or ""). Then confirm the page with "Next".

Enter your user name


Please do not confuse the username with your HTW email address!
This cannot be used here.

Step 9: Enter HTW-Account Password

Enter the password of your HTW account (also used e.g. in the LSF/Moodle/E-Mail system of the HTW Berlin). Then confirm the page with "Next".

Enter password

Step 10: Done

The installation is complete. You can now connect to the "eduroam" Wi-Fi.

Finished installation