Your e-mail adress

Together with your HTW account you will receive a personal university e-mail address. It consists of your user name and the extension - Example address for students - Example address for employees

In most cases, an e-mail alias with the pattern (employees) or (students) is automatically created for you. You can check on this pagewhether this has also already been set up for your HTW account.

General server information

Incoming mail server (IMAP)mail.htw-berlin.de143993
Incoming mail server (POP3)mail.htw-berlin.de110995
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)mail.htw-berlin.de25 or 587465

Use of the IMAP incoming mail server is recommended.

Please make sure not to use your e-mail address as e-mail user name, but only your HTW account user name (e.g. s0000001 or amuster).