Send email to students

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Lecturers have the option of writing an e-mail to the participants of their courses. To do this, use the function of the LSF system explained below.


Students, teachers and administrative staff at the HTW have their own HTW e-mail address. This means that all university members can be reached by e-mail.

  • All emails are sent to the HTW email address of the recipient. This has the advantage that all messages arrive at a central location that is easy to manage.
  • All users must ensure that they can receive and read messages sent to the HTW e-mail address.
  • Sending e-mails is a quick and easy way of communicating to organize your teaching.

Call up the e-mail function

The e-mail function is available wherever you can get information about an event.

Select recipient

The composed e-mail is always sent to all participants of the event. These are displayed with their respective contact details in the adjacent list. If you want to contact all participants, you can continue entering your message directly after calling up the e-mail function.

Tip: You can limit the recipient list to individual students or groups of students. Read the other sections of this page to find out what options the LSF system offers you for this.

Compose and send email

Below the list of recipients you will find two text fields: the subject line and the message field. You can compose your e-mail in these fields. When you're done, click Send to send the email.

To check that the mail was sent successfully, you can select "Send a copy to myself" before sending.

The LSF currently does not offer you the option of sending file attachments. You can make these available to students using the e-learning platform Moodle.

Tip: If you want to personalize the e-mail, you can use the following variables: $herr for the salutation "Mr" or "Mrs", $first name and $last name. Please note that your e-mail will only be sent with plain text and HTML tags will be ignored or filtered!

Limitation of the recipient list

If you do not want to send your email to all participants, you can restrict it. To do this, mark the students who should be excluded from the reception.

After the selection, click on "change":

The previously marked students are now greyed out and will not receive the e-mail you then wrote!


  • Click on "invert" to invert the current selection. An e-mail sent as a result will only be delivered to the previously greyed-out students.
  • “Nobody” grays out all recipients. You can then select individual recipients and click on "change" in order to be able to contact individual persons quickly.
  • "All" resets the recipient list so that all participants receive your message.