Wi-Fi on HTW Berlin

Use the easyroam app to configure the eduroam WiFi from now on (03/2023)

Please use the current instructions (Windows, Android, iOS, macOS) to adapt your end devices. It is recommended to first delete an existing eduroam configuration (also remove eduroam from the list of saved networks) and then set it up again.

What changes?

The easyroam app can now be used on all end devices. Essentially, the login method for the WLAN changes. In the future, the username/password will no longer be used for logging in, but a personal certificate. You must renew the certificate every 7 months via the easyroam app!

What are the pros and cons?

The main advantage is that it is no longer possible to tap user passwords, even with incorrectly configured end devices. A disadvantage can be seen that the personal certificate has to be renewed every 7 months. However, this is very easy via the easyroam app and only takes a few clicks.

Do all end devices have to be converted?

Yes, the old login procedure with username/password will no longer be possible from June 2023.

Can eduroam continue to be used worldwide as usual?

Yes! Nothing will change in the way eduroam works. If your end device is configured according to the current specifications, it can still be used at any eduroam location.

How many devices can I use with easyroam per HTW account?
You can use up to five end devices with easyroam. You can also use the easyroam app/website to revoke the right to use devices that have already been used.

On the campus of the HTW Berlin, the internationally widespread WLAN "eduroam" is available. Members of the HTW Berlin as well as visitors of institutions that belong to the eduroam network can use it. In return, HTW members can automatically use the eduroam WLAN at all participating institutions of the eduroam network.

For events, the computer center provides a guest WLAN (Gast@HTW). Access for this can be requested by responsible HTW employees via the account service. In addition, Free WiFi Berlin is broadcast at central points.

Please select your operation system

For the following operation systems there are step-by-step instructions.

  • Android (from version 10).

    Instructions for the Android version <= 9 can be found on the DFN website.

When using other operating systems, please use the installation instructions on the official DFN website.

If you cannot connect to eduroam...

If you are not able to connect to the eduroam check the following:

  • Make sure there is no old eduroam configuration is on your computer.
  • Please note the “Requirements for use” on this website.
  • Check whether a locally installed firewall or an anti-virus program is preventing the connection / setup.