Mac OS X Mail

Step 1: Open Control Panel

Open the "System Settings" and click on "Internet Accounts".

Step 2: Add Account

To add the e-mail account of the HTW click on the plus symbol "+" and then on "Add another account ...".

Step 3: Add mail account

In the following menu click on "Mail Account".

Step 4: Enter login data

Please enter your name and login information in this window. This consists of your HTW account and the extension (e.g.

Confirm your entries with "Login".

Step 5: Enter server data

Please select "IMAP" as server type. Enter "" in both server fields.

Then click on "Log in".

Step 6: Selection of applications

Finally, select which applications should use it. Recommendation: Select only "Mail".
Click "Done" to create the account.

The account is now set up.
Usually, however, the folders in Apple Mail are not assigned correctly.

To correct this, follow step 7.

Step 7: Assign mailbox

If the mail folders are not assigned correctly (see screenshot), this can be corrected afterwards.

Select the appropriate mail folder, e.g. "Trash" and then click on "Mailbox" in the menu → "Use this mailbox as" and select the appropriate mailbox, e.g. "Trash".
Repeat the process with all other unassigned folders.
After the correct assignment the folder will disappear from the lower grouping "HTW-Berlin".