Android (5.1 or higher)

Configure your Android device for email retrieval

Step 1: Open settings

To set up your HTW e-mail address on your Android device, open the "Settings".

Step 2: Open account settings

Open the "Accounts" submenu.

Step 3: Add new account

Select "Add Account" to create a new connection to our email server.

Step 4: Select account type

Click on "E-Mail" to start the configuration.

Step 5: Set up e-mail

Enter your e-mail address and password. To continue the installation click on "Manual Setup".

Step 6: Make Input Server Settings

Please fill out all fields with the correct information for you.

As user name enter your login name from your HTW account (e.g. s0000001 or amuster).

As server settings use the following:
- IMAP server:
- Security type: SSL
- Port: 993

Confirm your entries with "Next".

Step 7: Adjust output server settings

Use the following as server settings:
- SMTP server:
- Security type: SSL
- Port: 465

Confirm your entries with "Next".

Step 8: Synchronization settings

Select the desired synchronization settings.

Confirm your settings with "Next".

Step 9: Set account names

Finally, enter an account name (e.g. "HTW Mail" ) and your own name.

Finish the setup with "OK".