Storage space


The Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) provides you as a member of the HTW with a personal storage area. This area is referred to as “HTW space” in the following. Please note that this resource (like all of the HTW) may only be used for research and teaching purposes or for your work as an employee of the HTW.

The HTW space has 20 gigabytes of storage space per user and is located in a central Active Directory domain.

Several laboratory and work environments at the HRZ and the various facutlies automatically integrate this storage space into your PC environment. With Windows as the operating systems, the HTW space is usually made available to you as drive "H: \".

You can also access the HTW space “from outside”. The following link gives you an overview of the already connected environments and the access options: Access to the HTW space



In addition to the HTW space, the HRZ offers a cloud. Please read this article for more information on the cloud.


More storage space

Storage space in laboratory environments of the faculties:

Regardless of this, the individual laboratory environments of the facutlies offer additional personal and project storage space, which is usually not as extensive as your HTW space. Please inquire with the respective laboratory supervisor about the modalities of use and accessibility.

We recommend that you use the HTW space wherever possible, as we will expand it in the future and have the best location-independent accessibility.