Your HTW-Account

Your student login

Access to all central IT services of the central IT department (HRZ) is provided with the HTW account. Your personal activation code for the account will be sent to you by e-mail once you successfully enrolled in your first semester.

The user name of the account cannot be changed and the account is valid until the end of your studies.

Have you forgotten your password of the HTW-account? Then please visit this website.

Your login as an employee

Employees and lecturers of the HTW Berlin must apply for an account via their department or organizational unit. Applications can be found in this section. Your faculty/organizational unit will then provide you with the activation documents. You can activate the account at

Further information is available from the IT-Helpcenter of the data center.

Your login as guest/advocate_in

Guest listeners and guest students can apply for an HTW account directly on the "Application for admission as guest student". A copy of the application will be forwarded to the central IT department - Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ). After the HTW account has been set up, the access documents (user name/activation code) will be sent to you by mail or e-mail to the (e-mail) address given on the application. The HTW account must still be activated at after receiving the documents.

Important note

Do not pass on your password under any circumstances and report a possible loss immediately to the HTW IT department and change your password in the account service immediately.