Copying and printing at the HTW Berlin

Students and employees of the HTW have the possibility to make printouts and copies and use the "Scan-To-USB" function. For this purpose, multifunctional devices from Canon have been installed throughout the campus. These are particularly powerful devices. All devices can copy/print/scan in color and black and white. In the following, the most important functions are explained step-by-step.


  • Your printer username
    • To print from your PC or to send print jobs by e-mail, you need your printer user name. This article describes how to find out your user name
  • Printing from your own notebook and by e-mail
    • This article describes how to print documents from your notebook or smartphone
  • Printing on HTW computers
    • This article describes how you can print out documents on computers at the HTW (applies only to computers managed by the computer center).
  • Payment system
    • This article describes how the payment process works and how expensive copies are.