General operating instructions

The first step

Before you can start your work with LSF, you have to login with your HTW-Account on the following page: After the login is succeeded, there will be an overview page on which all to you relevant functions are listed.

Frequently used functions in LSF

  • Search functions
    Search functions help to find specific information, e.g. individual events, contact details and lecturer or room occupancy plans.
  • Lecture schedules
    Here you will find sample timetables and sample occupancy plans for all courses offered in the current semester. Use this feature when timing is important to you, e.g. a semester plan in which certain AWE-offers and foreign language courses are to be combined.
  • Course catalog
    Here you will find all events, sorted by subject area, degree program and semester. Use this function if you want to use the courses compiled by your department for a regular semester as a starting point for booking or searching.
  • Events
    Find out about events you'd like to attend and find out if they're happening on schedule.

Further information for students and teachers

The LSF operating concept differentiates between functions for all users and functions, that are specially tailored to students and teachers.

Please note the additional information for your user group: