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Information about Microsoft Office 365

With a current Microsoft Office 365 installation, a new e-mail account for the HTW Berlin can only be added via the classic Windows control panel. Please proceed as follows (if the instructions do not work as described below):

Open the (old) Windows Control Panel (can be found via Windows search) and select the menu item "Mail (Microsoft Outlook)". If this is not visible, you must first activate the "Large Icons" in the Control Panel via the menu item "Display: Category". Then you can add a new IMAP account for the HTW Berlin via the entry "E-Mail Accounts...". Here you also have the possibility (unlike in Outlook) to enter a user name for the account.

The details for the input fields can be found in step 4 and step 9 of these instructions.

Step 1: Start Microsoft Outlook 2016 and add e-mail account

Please open your Outlook 2016 and select the menu item "File → Information → Add Account" to add a new e-mail account.

Step 2: Make manual account settings

Enter the e-mail address and select "I want to set up my account manually" under "Advanced Options" and confirm with "Connect".

Step 3: Select account type

Please select that you want to create an "IMAP" account.

Step 4: Enter password

The password was requested. Confirm this with "Connect".

Step 5: Correct user name

Outlook automatically uses the e-mail address as the username. However, this is wrong in the environment of the HTW Berlin. A login screen appears in which you have to correct the user name. To do so, delete the extension "" and make sure that only your HTW account name (e.g. "s0000001" or "amuster"; but not your e-mail alias) is in the field "Username".

You now also have the option to decide whether the password should be saved by Outlook (not recommended by the university computer center).

Step 6: Finish the process

To complete the setup, please click "Process complete". You will then receive a test email from Outlook.

[Translate to Englisch:] Vorgang abschließen

Step 7: Change account settings

Outlook also creates the e-mail address as "your name". To correct this or to check the settings regarding the user name and password, we recommend that you call up the account settings again via the menu item "File → Information → Account Settings → Account Settings → Account Settings..."

Step 8: Change email account

Select the e-mail account of the HTW and click on "Change".

Step 9: Adjust settings

Adjust "Your name" and possibly the user name. Click "Next" to finish the change.

Step 10: Close the settings

Click on "Finish" to close the settings.