Grade view

Table of contents

In the grades view, you can view your students’ exams and print out lists of participants and grades.

Phases of exam organization

On the LSF start page, you can see the periods for registering for exams and booking exams in the graphic.

Change of role to "Examination"

In order to be able to access the functions for posting grades, please change your role from "Teaching" to "Examination" after logging into LSF and confirm with the OK-button.

Functions exam organization

In the left column you can see the functions that are available to you in the "Examination" role.

Function "Grade view"

To call up the sheet music view, please click on the corresponding menu item in the left navigation.

Choosing the exam period

Now select the exam period for which you want to call up the grade view.

Choosing the course

You will now see an overview of the courses for which you can access grade views.

Grade view of a course

The table lists the students who are registered for the exam in this course. You can also see information about these students, for example in which course of study they are enrolled and for how many exam dates they have registered. If you have already booked exams for this course, you will also see these.

List of participants and list of grades

Below the table you will see links to the list of participants and the list of grades for the course. You can print out and save both lists in PDF format.

List of participants

You can use the list of participants, for example, to provide proof of attendance for exams.

List of grades

In the header of the list of grades you will find all information about the exam, for example your contact person for questions about exam administration. For each student you can see their course of study as well as processing notes from the administration.

You may also see a note here as to whether this is a participant's third attempt at the exam. If this test is not passed, a second correction would be necessary according to the test regulations:

If you have not yet completed the posting of grades for this course, you will see a corresponding note on the list of grades.

You can recognize closed lists of grades by the fact that this reference is missing and that there is a signature field. Please submit these lists to your department in order to complete the posting of grades for this course.