Exam date

Students should be able to see the exam date under Registered exams. If the exam date is not filled there, the exam date including time and exam location can be found via the event.

Step 1: Call up the lecture schedules

To call up the lecture schedules, please use the "lecture schedules" function in the navigation on the left. You can use the "Selection" button to select the degree program in which the course takes place whose examination date you are looking for. Make sure you choose the correct degree and the correct version of the examination regulations.

After you have selected the degree program, enter the semester in which the course is offered in the "From semester" and "To semester" fields.

Then start the search.

Step 2: Set view

The lecture schedule shows the current calendar week. If the exam does not take place in the current calendar week, use the selection menu above the plan to switch to the "Event overview (across semesters)" view and confirm this with the "Show" button.

All courses of the previously selected degree program and semester are now displayed.

Step 3: Call up event

Open the event by clicking on the title of the event whose information you need. In the detailed view that opens, you will see not only general information but also the dates on which the event is offered. Please note that there are usually different dates for different groups.

The examination dates are provided with a corresponding note in the "Remark" column. You can read the day of the week, time, date, location and the teacher from the corresponding line.