How to delete the eduroam configuration under Android

In this guide you will learn how to delete an old eduroam configuration on Android.


The Eduroam connection is disconnected by deleting the settings and cannot be used for setup afterwards.

Step 1: Open WLAN overview and remove eduroam

Depending on the Android version you are using there are different ways to delete an old eduroam WLAN configuration. The most common way is to call up the overview of available WLAN networks, hold "eduroam" pressed longer and remove it. Often there is also an overview of previously used WLAN networks. This way you can also remove the old eduroam configuration.

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Step 2: Remove old WLAN certificates

On some devices, old Eduroam certificates cause problems when connecting.
These can be deleted as follows:

  • Open Android settings
  • open search function and search for "user credentials"
  • Delete all certificates with "Eduroam" and "Telesec" in the name in the view.