Answering machine

Your answering machine at the HTW

Requirements for using the answering machine

  • You have a valid HTW phone number

General information

Each phone number is equipped with an answering machine functionality. Messages can also be recorded if the line is busy, another person is logged on to the phone, or the line cannot be reached in any other way.

Recorded messages are signaled visually on the phone (red lamp on the handset lights up) and also sent to the recipient by e-mail as an audio file.

Activating your answering machine for the first time

You can configure your answering machine using the button marked in the picture. Alternatively, you can dial the number 499999 in the university's internal network. Remote configuration is possible under your HTW phone number with a 49 in front (i.e. (030) 5019-49-xxxx). To protect against unauthorized access, the answering machine control is protected with your PIN telephone. It is the same PIN that is used to register on the phone.

If you are connected to your answering machine and logged in, the asterisk key "*" leads to the configuration dialog for your answering machine.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ausschnitt aus dem Telefonbuch
[Translate to Englisch:] Menüführung des Telefons
[Translate to Englisch:] Menüführung des Telefons

Turn on the answering machine

To activate the answering machine, please select the "call forwarding button" and then press the button with the "letter symbol" to divert all incoming calls to your voice box. Alternatively, you can make the setting via the telephone-configuration-webseite.

Listening to messages

By phone:

You can press the key with the letter symbol from your own telephone or alternatively dial the number 49999 and you will be connected to your answering machine.

Remote inquiry is possible under your HTW phone number with a 49 in front (i.e. 030-5019-49-xxxx). After the connection has been established, you will first hear your personal answering machine announcement. With the asterisk key "*" you can switch to your personal configuration menu. To protect against unauthorized access, the query is protected with your telephone PIN. It is the same PIN that is used to register on the phone.

After logging in, your personal configuration options will be presented to you. With the * key (asterisk key) you can e.g. B. Retrieve your saved answering machine messages.

Checking for new messages with an e-mail program:

All recorded voice messages are made available to the HTW mail server, which is available to you as normal mail in your personal mailbox in the "UMS" folder. The attached WAV file can be played back with an IMAP-enabled e-mail program and an audio player (usually no new software needs to be installed on your computer for this). Therefore, read the instructions for configuring your HTW e-mail address to find out how your e-mail-programm should be set up.


If e-mail forwarding to a private e-mail address is activated, you can no longer check your messages on the telephone!