Synchronization with your personal calendar

Using Outlook 2010 as an example, these instructions show you how you can synchronize your LSF timetable with a personal calendar. However, the concept can also be transferred to comparable calendar solutions. Please also note the possibility of synchronizing your timetable with the groupware OX.

Step 1: Login to LSF

Login to  LSF System with your HTW-Account.

Step 2: Select funktion iCal-Export

In the area with information about your teaching assignment you will find the option "iCal Export".

Step 3: Copy link

After right-clicking on the "iCal Export" option, please copy the link to your LSF calendar using the "Copy link address" web browser function (slightly different names are possible). You will transfer this information to Outlook later.

Step 4: Continue working in Outlook

Please continue working in Outlook. Select the "Folders" ribbon and click on "Open calendar" and then on "From the Internet...".

Step 5: Apply link in Outlook

Please take over the information copied in step 2 by clicking "Paste" (or using the key combination "Ctrl + v" to paste the address) and confirm the transfer with "Ok". Please confirm the next query "Would you like to add this Internet calendar to Outlook and Subscribe to updates?", with "Yes"

Step 6: Use calendar in Outlook

The data of your personal timetable from LSF is automatically transferred and is available in Outlook.