Accounting grades

Table of contents

The grade accounting is closely linked to the grade view. The booking of examinations is done online in LSF.

Function grade accounting

You can access the accounting of examination performances by clicking on "Grade accounting" in the navigation on the left.

Select the exam period

Please select the examination period for which you would like to enter the examination results.

Choice of course

You will now see the list of courses for which you can account exam results. Please select the desired course.

Main view for accounting grades

The table lists the students who have registered for the examination in this course in the selected examination period.

Entering evaluations

In the Evaluation column, you can enter examinations for each student in any order. Depending on the course, this can be grades or undifferentiated evaluations.

Saving entered exams

To save your entries to transfer them to the examination office, please click on "Save grades now". Each time you save, you must enter a TAN from your TAN list. For more information, see iTAN-management.

Completing grade lists

Before finalizing a grade list, please save it. Then click on the button to complete the list. Please note that once you have completed the list, you cannot make any changes to it. If you still need to change something, please contact the Examination Office.

Completed lists of grades can be found under the menu item View grades.

Tips on mistakenly closed lists

What to do if a list was accidentally closed before saving, or if changes need to be made to a closed list?

The entered examination performances must be saved in any case. Only after that you can complete a list. <i>Release grades - please save grades before release!</i> - can also be found directly above the button to complete.

If a list has been accidentally closed or if changes to a closed list are necessary, here is the solution:

  • The Examination Office can unlock the list for you again. The name and contact information of the contact person can be found on the list of grades.
  • You can then edit the list as usual.
  • After saving the changes, close the list and release it again for processing in the examination office.